Aug 29

Clear day, North Atlantic. Rogue wave hit. Water through my porthole, I hit the floor and called for my mother. I was not brave.

Aug 29

The sun also rises

Jul 7

I just returned to the Packet. Letter #3 "A Stradivarius & The Chihuahua de Gucci."

Jun 23

Inland to the city of lights.

Captains Log
  1. Main-A-Dieu
  2. Meet Me At The Gate
  3. Les Bas Fonds (Paris Syndrome)
  4. Donzoko Blues (April's Fool)
  5. Patience Phipps (The Best to You)
  6. It Doesn't Feel the Same ...
  7. Singapore Sling
  8. Cool Ruler (In the Grace of Love) feat. Jenn Tse
  9. Sloop John B
  1. Dying Californian feat Zachary Richard
  2. The Tall Shadow From Saint-Malo
  3. Set Me Free (Pt 1)
  4. Up The Cross (Pt 2)
  5. Carnival Celebration # 2 feat Chuck Ragan
  6. A Fool's Tattoo
  7. Skulls & Bones
  8. The Reckoning
  9. Low, Low, Low

Song Title

43.7000 ° N, 79.4000 ° W

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